They tried it

On the stand of Daily Invent 'at the Paris fair, during the Lépine International 2019 competition, many women tested the Daily Invent' cutting guides for the first time, and left conquered!

Thank you for your confidence, girls! 🙂

Here are their stories…

Before: Marie-Christine wants to thin her square cut

Gradation achieved without changing the cutting length

Result: a square cut that has become light!

Thank you for this good time spent together and for your trust Marie-Christine! 🙂

Mélissa wants to change her hairstyle for a plunging square

Successful bet! 🙂

Thank you Mélissa for your confidence and your smile

Coline wants to shorten and thicken her hair

After cutting the contour (cutting guides n ° 1 and 2 - pastel pink pliers)

After the gradation obtained with cutting guides n ° 5 and 6 (red pliers)

After smoothing the tips with a straightening iron

After straightening with a straightening iron + stir the hair by hand for a more natural look

Thank you Coline for your trust and your kindness

See you soon for more great encounters and new cuts!