Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions

Article 1: Precautions for use of the Daily Invent 'cutting guides

The buyer ensures that the people who will use the Daily Invent 'cutting guide are informed of the following precautions for use:

  • The Daily Invent 'cutting guides cannot be used as children's toys and must be kept out of their reach. Indeed:
  • Some edges of the cutting guides could cause scratches if the cutting guide is handled roughly
  • Some cutting guides have screws. If the screw is dropped, a small child may bring it to his mouth, with the risk of suffocation.
  • Some cutting guides have elastic bands. In case of excessive force exerted on the elastic, it could be projected, possibly towards the face and possibly more precisely towards the eyes.
  • Most of the risks listed above for children also apply to adults.
  • The Daily Invent 'cutting guides are not designed to avoid all the risks associated with the use of a hair clipper or a pair of hairdressing scissors. It is therefore advisable to pay constant attention to the position of the fingers vis-à-vis the trajectory of the cutting tool, and also to pay attention to the parts of the body of the person to whom the cut was made (back , face, eyes, etc.), especially the eyes for the cutting guide for the bangs.
  • The spirit levels are filled with edible oil and food coloring. They are closed by gluing a cap, and are made in 3D printing with a waterproof material. It is however recommended to check before use that the spirit levels are not leaking so as not to risk if necessary staining your clothes or greasing your hair.

Article 2: Results obtained with the Daily Invent 'cutting guides

The Daily Invent 'cutting guides are tools and it is the sole responsibility of the user for the hairstyling result obtained. Daily Invent 'SASU cannot be held responsible for results that do not comply with the user's wishes. Any tutorials made available by Daily Invent 'do not guarantee the results. If in doubt, it is recommended to train beforehand on an artificial styling head (the results are more realistic than with removable wigs for which the implantation of the hair is done with very spaced rows).

Article 3: Delivery times

The cutting guides ordered will be received by the client within 30 days from the date of the order. If this deadline is exceeded, the new scheduled delivery date will be communicated to the customer and the latter may then, if he wishes, request the cancellation of his order and its refund, within 30 days of payment of the order.

Article 4: Right of withdrawal

The Daily Invent 'cutting guides can be returned within 14 days from the date of receipt of the package. Return costs are not charged to Daily Invent 'SASU

Article 5: Resale of the product

Daily Invent 'cutting guides cannot be sold without an agreement signed with Daily Invent' SASU

Article 6: Industrial Property

The Daily Invent 'brand is protected and the invention of the Daily Invent' cutting guide is protected by a patent. It is prohibited to draw inspiration from the principle of Daily Invent 'cutting guides and to market similar guides.