Daily Invent 'Cutting Guides

Achieve complete hairstyles with Daily Invent 'cutting guides

Use with a hair clipper or hairdressing scissors

This invention was a silver medalist at the Concours Lépine International Paris on May 07, 2019

Photo of the award ceremony with the president of the Lépine International Paris competition Mr Dorey

How does it work?

Here is the description of the different sections on which you can click in the menu at the top of the page:

  • In category "Who are we": you will find a presentation of the company Daily Invent 'SASU and the inventor Cécile Alzina.
  • In category “They tried it”: You will find photos of the cuts made at the Paris fair during the Lépine International 2019 competition
  • In category “All hairstyles”: You will find pictures of all the hairstyles that you can achieve entirely with the Daily Invent 'cutting guides, as well as the list of cutting guides that you will need for each hairstyle
  • In category “Buy cutting guides”: You can buy online (by card - secure payment https Stripe -, with PayPal or by check) all the cutting guides you need to achieve your favorite hairstyles.
  • In category "Manual": You will be able to download the user manuals for each cutting guide, and you will find demonstration videos for each type of cutting guide,
  • In category “Ecological material”: you will find out which ecological material is used to make the Daily Invent cutting guides'
  • In category “Become a Distributor”: you will discover how to become a distributor of Daily Invent 'cutting guides
  • In category "Contact us": You will find our telephone number and a form to send us your questions

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